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Arillas, on the mainland, is fast becoming my favourite stop.  It has a long, gently shelving beach with a little harbour at one end which provides pretty much all round weather protection.

View of Arillas Bay and harbour from the hill

The little harbour is rarely crowded although you may find the odd yacht or fishing boat moored up there.  It is possible to fill up with water if you have a VERY long hose.

Catia moored on the quay at Arillas

The beach is great for paddling

and the rocks around the harbour are great for collect sea urchin shells.

And then there is Zoukas Restaurant run by the welcoming Christos and his family.  This is the best place to have a drink, catch up with the wifi, play with a kitten, relax, watch the sun go down, eat and generally feel that the world is a good place to be.

Zoukas Restaurant

Training up a ships’s kitten

Sunset from Zoukas Restaurant